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Remote Video Response Services

SecurityCo’s RVR centre ensures property and assets are thoroughly protected when your business premises are unattended. With RVR you can expect crime and vandalism to decrease, if not disappear completely.

Security solutions need to work in real time, thus deterring crime at the time it is about to be committed. This is what you can expect from a SecurityCo RVR System which immediately identifies persons on your premises.

Remote Video Response explained..

Externally & discretely installed cameras detect any movement and record live video of any motion detection.
Real time video images are instantly transmitted to SecurityCo’s Remote Video Response Centre via Broadband or ADSL Internet. Our highly trained operators view the images and make fast and accurate assessments of the situation to determine the correct level of response required.
SecurityCo RVR operators broadcast a deterrent audio warning via internet enabled Public Address System, and give a clear warning to trespassers that their movements are being recorded remotely on CCTV and the police have been notified.
Where activity on a site gives cause for concern, our Operators will call
key-stakeholders, the security patrolling company, or the Police based upon your pre-defined instructions.
Crime on your property has been prevented or minimized due to early detection by SecurityCo. We continue to monitor and deter the potential for criminal damage, vandalism and subsequent loss.

Australia-wide coverage

SecurityCo provides its Remote Video Response services right across Australia, and also abroad. This is complemented by our SecurityCo Installer network. All installers in our network are vetted and have the right credentials to be able to provide you with the levels of service you expect.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is better than crime detection. Remote Video Response can capture images of a planned criminal act before it has even been committed. It’s an early warning system. And by using the audio challenge facility we can deter the would-be criminal to change his plans.

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